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From the classroom to the real world

Our approach to second language teaching puts considerable emphasis on its use in practical contexts. Our social programme, which runs throughout the year, offers our students the opportunity to use the language beyond the confines of the classroom-based course.

Throughout the school year, students have the chance to get together and interact with each other helping to make their learning experience as stimulating and involving as possible. Below are just a few examples from our social programme which is in a constant state of evolution.

A season of films in English

For some years now we have been closely involved in the organization and running of a season of films in English at the Cinema Excelsior here in Sondrio. Each film is preceded by a brief presentation in English by one of our teachers which, together with the movie, offers the student the perfect opportunity to flex their muscles of comprehension in the context of a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

The film season is open to all, students and non-students alike, and a season ticket is also available (for those ready for a challenge).

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English Events

There is also a rich and varied range of events for those on our adult courses, all of which are eagerly awaited by our students. They offer students the chance to use English in a social context often with a typically British theme.

The Fish and Chip night, for example, sees the school transformed into a typically British pub environment where you can get your fingers greasy and wash down your dinner with some delicious English ale.

Our Cheese Night gives you the chance to try a wide range of more than twenty cheeses from around the British Isles, accompanied by top local Valtellina wines.

Morning Tea, on the other hand, is an event exclusively for members of U3A. It is an opportunity to meet and socialize after summer before the courses start where a traditional ‘cuppa’ and biscuits are served by the staff.

There are also two Conversation sessions, one at the end, the other at the beginning of the school year. Students can try out what they’ve been learning or can get back into gear for the forthcoming academic year in an enjoyable but challenging series of evenings. There is a whole host of other events such as the Pub Quiz… but rather than telling you about them, why don’t you come and discover them for yourself!

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Events for Little Learners

There’s no shortage of fun in the classroom the whole year long but there are perhaps a few stand-out events such as English al fresco when groups are able to go outdoors for the final part of the lesson or Christmas and End of Year Parties.

There are also a number of competitions with prizes such as the Drawing Competition and a more recent initiative, Name Our Corgi. Our school year 2018/19 started with the inaugural visit of the Big Red Bus …a real red, double decker London bus. A number of classroom based events are also organized, tying in with special occasions as they happen throughout the year such as Halloween, Carnival and Easter.

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Off site events

Nor do we miss out on the opportunity of bringing our famous ‘British Touch’ to a number of locally organized initiatives. We are always present at the Sondrio Summer – Sondrio è ….Estate! There are games and prizes for youngsters and adults alike. A favourite with all the children is the chance to douse your favourite (or not!) teacher in Slosh the Prof! On a more serious note, it’s also an opportunity to get to meet us and ask any questions you might have about the school and our courses. We also take part in the Morbegno Autumn Fair with a small stand offering both games and information.

We have always tried to participate proactively in local events throughout the region bringing our own inimitable flair and energy to these special occasions!

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