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Corsi di inglese per bambini e ragazzi

Junior Courses

(children from 5 to 13 years old )

Learning while having fun!

Afternoon courses for children at Elementary and Middle school.


Course Details

Thanks to their professional status and roles as Cambridge Examiners, our teachers are in a perfect position to teach very much in line with those all-important Cambridge exams. Elementary courses culminate in the YLE Starters Exam while the Middle school youngsters prepare to take the A2Key (KET) exam in their third and final year of Middle school.

Younger children learn by having fun which means presenting language material in a safe, welcoming and involving environment. Their learning reflects most closely the acquisition of our first, native tongue.

We offer courses at different levels and for different age groups and these take place just once a week in the afternoon. Lessons for five year olds last just 1 hour while children of 6 and up have lessons of 90 minutes. These are annual courses but again, many children grow fond of their teachers and classmates and recognize the progress they are making and thus continue over a number of years embarking at the same time on the various Cambridge Examinations that come up in this early phase of their academic careers. Children are in small, homogeneous groups – with a maximum of 8 participants for the little ones, 12 for the slightly older ones and a maximum of 14 for Middle School youngsters.

At the end of the 5th year elementary course all students have the chance to make that first step up onto the Cambridge Examinations ladder with the YLE Starters exam, the quota for the exam being included in the overall price.

Course Info


40 hours pre-school; 55 hours for Elementary and Middle School

Start Date



8, 12 or maximum fourteen according to age group/level


From beginner to A2+


The first lesson is free, giving you a chance to ‘try it out’.

Groups are small and the age group and level are homogeneous.

All materials used are carefully selected and prepared to suit the specific needs of the group.

The chance to prepare and take the YLE Starters included in course price.

Specific and expert preparation for the A2 Cambridge Key (KET) examination taken in the final year of Middle School.

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