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English for your business is our business!


For our business clients, The British language Centre is pleased to offer its translation and interpreter services delivered by experienced native speaker and bi-lingual professionals.
The services we offer range from website translation to legal-contractual documentation as well as technical translations.
Our approach to translation stems from the fact that the two languages express concepts and information in different ways and that in order to guarantee authenticity and accuracy, the original text has to be analysed and interpreted in the appropriate  context. In order to do this, we often ask to discuss the text directly with the client. All translation and interpreter work is carried out in the strictest confidence.

ESP Courses

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Course Details

With the advent of the digital age, the capacity to use English as a mode of communication in a business context, even for companies working at a relatively local level, has become an increasingly pressing reality. Many areas of work require a sophisticated and challenging technical jargon and modes of expression that, even with some knowledge of the language, represent a serious challenge for us.

The primary objective of our business courses is to equip the individual with those language skills necessary to enable them to perform their often highly specialized job to the best of their ability. To attain this objective, the first step to organizing a business course is to get to know the business in question and to identify those needs which are unique to the company. The next phase is to tailor a course specific not only to the company but to the requirements of each participant. Over the years we have been able to develop considerable expertise across the most diverse areas of work including banks, the pharmaceutical industry, engineering and the commercial sector. Our ESP courses cater for both off-site and in-house training. Clearly, a customized course of this nature offers a number of significant advantages over a more general English course. There is also the key factor of lower costs in terms both of time and money.

Course Info


30 hours

Start Date

When you choose


Maximum 12 in a class


A2 to C1


The opportunity for colleagues to do their language training in-house.

The syllabus is tailored to meet specific needs.

Progress can be easily monitored by means of feedback and written reports.

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